A dirty smoker isn't seasoned. It’s a fire hazard.

Smoking meat low and slow takes time, patience, and attention to detail.

So does deep-cleaning and degreasing your wood pellet smoker.

That’s why pitmasters who would rather spend their time crafting photo-worthy ribs, briskets, and perfect smoke rings trust GrillMaster to keep their smokers clean, safe, and ready to cook. We deal with all the grease, ash, and goo so you don’t have to.

How often should you deep clean your smoker?

In addition to routine cleaning and maintenance after every cook, your smoker needs to be deep-cleaned and degreased at least once a year — and more often depending on use and frequency.

The reason? Grease and ash buildup from all those low and slow cooks is a leading cause of grease fires.

It doesn't matter whether you're using an offset smoker, a vertical gas or electric smoker, or a classic charcoal or wood smoker. A grease fire will turn all the hours you've put into your cook to waste in seconds. Grease fires are also notorious for destroying the sophisticated electronic and mechanical components in today's wood pellet smokers.

What does GrillMaster’s smoker cleaning service include?

Our signature smoker deep-cleaning and degreasing service includes everything listed here, and also includes an inspection of the key smoker parts such as the pellet hopper, auger feed, thermostat, hot rod igniter, and electrical wiring for signs of damage or excessive wear.

Cooking grates or racks
Cook chamber and hood
Inside of chimney
Drip trays and heat baffles
Grease cleanout system
Thermostat probe
Auger and pellet feed system
Ash removal from burn pot and cook chamber

Expert smoker repairs and brand name replacement parts

When your smoker stops working properly, it's not always obvious what's causing the problem. GrillMaster's technicians are experts at troubleshooting the electronics and mechanical systems in today's wood-pellet smokers.

All wood-pellet smokers contain a variety of moving and electrical parts that break down over time or are easily damaged by grease fires. Common pellet smoker parts that need to repair or replaced include:

hot rod ignitor
charred wires and wiring connections
circuit board and fuse
auger and auger motor
induction fan motor

WARNING: Today’s pellet smokers are increasingly complex!

It's easy to turn a minor repair into a bigger problem with misplaced confidence and a do-it-yourself online video. Think twice before you tinker with your pellet smoker's electrical and mechanical systems. Then call the pros at GrillMaster.

We clean and repair smokers year-round

At GrillMaster, taking care of our smoker clients isn't a hobby. It's a commitment. We work year-round, so your smoker is ready to go when you're ready to cook. Whether that's ribs on the Fourth of July, spatchcocked turkey for Thanksgiving, pork butts in January, or digging through a foot of snow to smoke brisket for the Superbowl.

GrillMaster’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our work isn’t complete until you are completely satisfied. If you’re not happy, we're not happy. Just tell us what’s wrong. We’ll make it right.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What other grill cleaning and repair services does GrillMaster offer?

GrillMaster provides a complete range of gas grill services. In addition to grill repair and grill cleaning, our clients rely on us for gas grill safety inspections, gas grill assembly, and outdoor kitchen grill service and maintenance. Our clients also call us for expert advice about choosing and purchasing new grills. We also clean and service outdoor gas fire pits.

Is my smoker supposed to smoke all the time?

No. All smoke is not good smoke. Thick and persistent smoke is usually a sign that your wood pellet smoker is overdue for a deep cleaning and degreasing. Excessive smoke may also be due to ignition and mechanical system failures caused by grease, ash, or moisture. Humidity is notorious for turning wood pellets into gummy pulp that clogs augers and prevents proper ignition. The bottom line: Your smoker needs to be inspected to identify the underlying problem and the correct remedy.

Does GrillMaster provide smoker repairs near me?

Yes! GrillMaster provides professional smoker cleaning and repair services in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Eastern Connecticut for all major wood-pellet grills and smoker brands. For a prompt estimate to clean your wood pellet grill or smoker, give us a call at 617-595-6400, or contact us online.