Your dirty grill isn’t going to clean itself.

No time to clean your gas grill?

We understand.

The only thing worse than cooking on a dirty grill is cleaning a dirty grill. It's a filthy job. It takes work. And it takes time to do it right.

That's why grill owners who love grilling and hate cleaning trust GrillMaster to keep their grills clean on the inside and looking great on the outside.

Grillmaster’s signature grill cleaning service deep cleans, degreases, and sanitizes your dirty grill. Your grill will work better, look better and last longer. Your food will taste better, too.

GrillMaster makes it easy to keep your gas grill clean

Haven’t cleaned your grill in years?

You’re not alone.

At GrillMaster, our expert technicians bring dirty gas grills back to life every day.

We clean and service all major grill brands, — from Weber, Lynx, and DCS to Blaze, Bull, MHP, Napoleon, Twin Eagles, Fire Magic, American Made Grills, Summerset, XO, Hestan, and Kalamazoo.

A dirty grill is a dangerous grill

Your dirty grill is bad news for your food, your health, your safety — and your grill. Here's why:

A dirty grill destroys taste

No one wants to taste the charred remains from last week's barbecue chicken on tonight's rib eye. Our clients are always amazed at how much better their food tastes after GrillMaster deep cleans and degreases their grill.

A dirty grill is unhealthy

Burned grease and food debris create carcinogens. Grease is also a magnet for bacteria, mold, mice — and their droppings. This is not the toxic smoke-flavored seasoning you want to serve to family and friends. A clean grill is a healthy grill.

A dirty gas grill is a fire hazard

Grease fires in dirty grills are a major cause of home fires and injury. If your grill has had a grease fire or flare-ups, it cannot be used safely until it is deep cleaned and inspected for damage and faulty parts. If you have not deep cleaned your grill in a year, call GrillMaster today. Your second-best option: Move the grill away from the house and buy a fire extinguisher.

A dirty grill does not work properly

Gas grills are designed to cook food using direct and indirect heat. Grease and debris absorb that heat, and the more that is caked on the grates, heat shields, and the inside of the hood and firebox, the harder it is for your grill to perform as it should.

A dirty grill does not last

Grease and debris kill grills with premature grate, burner, and grill box failures, grease fires, flare-ups, and corrosion. Want to prolong the life of your grill? We make it easy to give your grill the care it needs to cook with confidence for years to come.

Your grill isn’t clean until it’s GrillMaster clean

GrillMaster's experienced technicians follow a careful, methodical process to deep clean, degrease, and detail your grill inside and out — even the parts you never see.

What does GrillMaster’s grill cleaning service include?

We start by protecting your patio or deck with a tarp to catch any dirt or debris.
Cooking grates and warming racks are scraped, scrubbed, and completely degreased.
The hood, heat shields, and firebox are cleared of debris and completely degreased.
Burners are removed and cleaned to assure even gas, flame, and heat distribution.
The pull-out tray and drip pan are cleaned and degreased.
Burner control knobs and temperature gauge are cleaned.
The grill exterior is cleaned and polished.
Stainless steel is reconditioned to look like new.

A clean grill is a safe grill

At GrillMaster, our grill cleaning service includes a complete safety inspection to make sure each grill part and connection is safe and works the way it should. GrillMaster is often able to replace any worn or damaged parts on the spot.

GrillMaster’s gas grill safety inspection includes:

Gas lines and connections
Manifold assembly, burners, and control valves
Gas regulator and collar
Venturi tubes
Ignition system and parts
Cooking grates and heat shields
Condition of firebox and hood

Feel good about your grill again

GrillMaster makes it easy to keep your grill clean, safe, working right, and looking good. We return calls promptly. We serve clients year-round. And we stand behind our work with a simple no-nonsense promise...

GrillMaster’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our work isn’t complete until you are completely satisfied. If you’re not happy, we're not happy. Just tell us what’s wrong. We’ll make it right.

I take good care of my grills because I want them to last a long time. That's why the retailer where I bought my new grill told me to call GrillMaster for annual cleaning and maintenance. Steve is professional and reliable and he takes pride in the way he cares for his clients. I’ve tried other grill cleaners, but Steve was the only one who protected my deck. He’s always pleasant and happy to help, whether you need service or expert advice about choosing a new grill. If you're the kind of person who cares about your grill, call GrillMaster and ask for Steve.

Debbie C., Newton, Mass.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does GrillMaster provide grill cleaning services near me?

Yes! GrillMaster provides professional grill cleaning and repair services in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Eastern Connecticut for all major gas grill brands. For a prompt estimate to clean your gas grill, give us a call at 617-595-6400, or contact us online.

How much does a grill cleaning cost?

At GrillMaster, we believe in providing exceptional value. In fact, our clients are pleasantly surprised to discover how affordable it is to deep clean, degrease, inspect, and sanitize their grill. Grill cleaning services vary according to model and condition. For a prompt estimate to clean your grill, call us at 617-595-6400, or contact us online.