Still lighting your gas grill by hand?

GrillMaster’s convenient gas grill repair service makes it easy to keep your grill working the way it should.

If your grill’s electronic ignition doesn’t work...
If you’re fed up with low heat, hot spots, or flare-ups...
If your grill’s cooking grates or heat shields are rusting and crumbling...

You’re not alone.

Gas grills break down over time. Parts wear out. Especially the ignition system, which is an early warning red flag that other parts may need to be replaced. And the longer you ignore the problem, the greater your risk for a serious grill failure. Even luxury grills can be damaged by deferred maintenance and grease fires.

That’s why folks who love grilling trust GrillMaster for expert gas grill repairs and grill replacement parts.

A grill that isn’t working right is frustrating. It can also be dangerous.

GrillMaster repairs major gas grill brands and models

Our experienced technicians troubleshoot and repair all major gas grill brands — from Weber, Lynx, and DCS to Blaze, Bull, MHP, Napoleon, Twin Eagles, Fire Magic, American Made Grills, Summerset and Kalamazoo.

GrillMaster repairs all types of propane and natural gas grills, premium freestanding grills from local and online grill retailers, and built-in luxury grills in custom outdoor kitchens. We are often able to replace common grill parts on the spot.

Common gas grill repairs and replacement parts

Grill repair services we perform and grill parts we replace include:

Gas grill ignitors and ignition systems
Gas regulators and hoses
Hot spots and flare-ups
Low or uneven heat
Yellow or uneven flames
Clogged or blocked burners
Flaking or rusted grill cooking grates
Rusted heat shields
Cracked or brittle as grill hoses
Rusted grill burners and venturi tubes
Rusted hoods and fireboxes

WARNING: Never use a damaged gas grill!

Do not use your gas grill if:

  • You smell gas
  • Your grill has been knocked over
  • Your grill has experienced a grease fire

A grill that is leaking gas or damaged is not safe to use until it has undergone a complete and methodical safety inspection.

If you smell gas or your grill has been damaged, contact GrillMaster immediately to schedule a priority grill safety inspection to make sure your grill is in safe working condition.

It’s time to fix your gas grill

GrillMaster makes it easy. We return calls promptly. We work year-round. And we stand behind our work with a simple no-nonsense promise...

GrillMaster’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our work isn’t complete until you are completely satisfied. If you’re not happy, we're not happy. Just tell us what’s wrong. We’ll make it right.

Having a functional grill is very important to me because grilling is a big part of my social life in the spring, summer, and fall. So, when the burners on my Weber weren't working properly, I contacted GrillMaster. Steve is meticulous in his work, and he sets the gold standard for service. More than that, he really cares about his clients. Not only did he fix my grill, he also gave me some fantastic grilling tips and spice recommendations. I've already recommended GrillMaster to my neighbors.

Steve G., Wayland, Mass.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you repair or replace your gas grill?

At GrillMaster we get this question a lot. The answer depends on several factors, including the brand, age, and condition of your grill and how often you use it. For friendly, expert, no-nonsense advice based on your grilling needs, give us a call at 617-595-6400 or contact us online.

Does GrillMaster provide grill repair near me?

Yes! GrillMaster provides expert grill repair services in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Eastern Connecticut for all major gas grill brands. For a prompt estimate to repair your grill, call GrillMaster at 617-595-6400, or contact us online.