Your luxury grill is the heart of your custom outdoor kitchen.

You spent considerable time and money choosing a premium-quality grill for performance, appearance, and longevity.

And it shows.

Your outdoor kitchen isn't just about cooking outdoors. It's where you host family gatherings and entertain friends. It's a lifestyle. It's an investment. And like all investments, it requires care.

Professional grill cleaning and repair services you can trust

Who can you trust to keep your high-performance grill clean, working properly, and looking great?

When reliable, expert service matters, luxury grill and outdoor kitchen owners in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Eastern Connecticut trust GrillMaster.

GrillMaster makes it easy to care for your luxury grill

Our professional grill cleaning and repair services make it easy to care for your professional-grade grill. So, you can spend your time making memories instead of worrying about maintenance.

We clean and service all leading luxury grill brands

GrillMaster specializes in grill cleaning and grill repair for the leading grill brands in today's custom outdoor kitchens, including Lynx, DCS, MHP, Blaze, Bull, Napoleon, Twin Eagles, Fire Magic, XO, Hestan, and Kalamazoo.

Our signature grill cleaning service includes deep cleaning and degreasing, sanitization, stainless-steel reconditioning, and a comprehensive safety inspection. Worn or damaged grill parts can often be replaced on the spot.

GrillMaster cleans and repairs freestanding cart grills and built-in professional and premium-grade gas grills. We also clean and repair luxury smoker and pellet grill brands such as Memphis Wood Fired Grills.

I trust Steve and GrillMaster with the life of my grill because they've been here from the start. We bought a Heston with custom doors and panels for our outdoor kitchen. It was my dream grill, but assembly turned into a nightmare.

That's when I called GrillMaster. Steve brought my Heston to life, and he's been keeping it peak condition ever since.

The quality of care and attention is exceptional. Steve doesn't just service your grill; he takes the time to get to know your grill and how you use it. Then he recommends a care plan based on what's best for you and your grill. The focus is making your grill last, not upselling you on service you don't need.

If you want a grill service to treat you like a transaction, GrillMaster is not for you. But if thoughtful, personal service matters to you, if expert advice matters, if peace of mind matters, GrillMaster is the only one for you.

Jason F., Newton, Mass.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can GrillMaster help me assemble or install a new grill for my outdoor kitchen?

Yes. If you are upgrading your outdoor kitchen with a new grill, our experienced technicians will make sure your purchase is assembled and installed properly. We’re also happy to share our advice about grill performance, reliability, and longevity before you buy.

What other luxury grill services does GrillMaster provide?

GrillMaster provides a complete range of services for premium and professional gas grills and luxury wood-pellet grills. In addition to grill cleaning services, our clients rely on us for grill repair services and replacement parts, grill safety inspections, custom grill installations, and winter storage. We also clean and service outdoor gas fire pits. Our clients also call us for expert advice about choosing a premium gas grill that meets their needs and new grill purchases.

Does GrillMaster provide outdoor kitchen grill services near me?

Yes! GrillMaster provides professional luxury grill cleaning and repair services in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Eastern Connecticut for all major luxury grills and smoker brands. For a prompt estimate, give us a call at 617-595-6400, or contact us online.